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The Government of Pakistan registers CHRISTIAN SOUL FOUNDATION (CSF). Its registration number is: RP /2055 /L / S / 05 / 229 / Chairman and Senior Pastor (CSF) Out Reach Church Ministries Javied Akhtar

Details of CSF Out Reach Church Ministries: [original text by Javied, c. 2012]

We hope that you will be fine with the great grace of God. You will be enjoying with the services of gracious God! May God give you lot of blessings! Amen


The following Projects are VISION of CSF:

CHRISTIAN SOUL FOUNDATION has 6 projects on which it intend to work, but at present it has started working on four projects: (1) Child Biblical Center-CBC (Sunday School Center) (2) Prayer Line Center-PLC (Street Church Meetings) (3) Christian prison ministry-CPM


We have 150 children in our 5 Sunday school Centers, and we are very worried about 8 children who are disabled, 5 boys and 3 girls. We are also giving Biblical education to these eight children with other normal children. We particularly love and care very much to these disables children.

We are running two youth groups comprising 120 young boys, in which 5 boys are disable and we are giving Biblical Education to them as well. We are also trying to get together young girls in these groups. It is in our programmed to work among young girls as soon as possible. CSF wants to give the Gospel of Jesus to every village, every city and every street and in every home.


This prayer line center is working in different areas we have elder members in different areas women and men. We are working on 3 prayer line centers and almost we have 140 member men’s and 160 women of our prayer line centers (PLC). If you will respond us And we will gave you report in coming days how many save souls in Jesus, and how many healed to members of (PLC) and you can call of our PLC street church meetings actually CSF has a vision special for deserve areas, villages, gipsy areas, deserved areas of city, and in brick kiln. Where child labour is at peak. We haven’t CSF Church building.

We have also heavy burden for following three projects, which are pending due to lake of sources:

3) Christian prison ministry-CPM

We are doing this ministry special for those prisoners who are faraway from God. And who is sin of slaves Christian prison ministry has a vision to save those souls who are sinner. Christian prison ministry has spiritual nourishment for those who want to eat who will eat this nourishment he will save his life in spirit. When we preached in prison mostly prisoner become to Jesus and accept to His name and repent to their sins.

Christian soul foundation (CSF) has three project is under construction.




We want to work among those children who are clothes-less, shoes-less and are not taking academic as well as Biblical educations. We have opened a primary school for needy and deserving children who are poor, orphan, and who wants to read in school but their parents cannot afford their expenses. We have heavy burden for these children.