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CSF Primary School was started in January, 2014 to provide an education, free of charge, to children, many orphans, of the former brick kiln factory (pictured in the home page and Photo Gallery section). These children and their parents (if they had any) would work about 14 hours a day making bricks, so could not attend any school. This particular factory was unceremoniously shut down and demolished in December, 2013.

In Pakistan, there is no free education system, public or private. These rural, lower class people had no affordable option to be educated, and would have remained completely illiterate.

Thank you, Jesus, for their bright future!

Here is a 2014 picture of a CSF primary school teacher supervising an older student, who is leading the class in reciting from an English/Urdu primer school book.

Here is another picture from the back of the class of the same older student with the book. If you look closely, you can see that they are reciting the English alphabet: "A for Apple, B for Butterfly, C for Car..."

Here is a short video clip showing the same Pakistani girl drilling the rest of the class.

An adult literacy class was started for the parents of the CSF primary school children. They will learn to read and write in Urdu first, then later, English. The teacher is the woman standing, dressed in orange with gold embellishments.

Here are some video clips put together from the Sunday School program for children.

A free vocational training program was started at the CSF facility. Here women are being trained using sewing machines. The students who are diligent and committed to the program will be able to keep the sewing machines they are using, after a year in the program. Then they will be able to earn money for their families using their new skills and the sewing machines.

By 2016, CSF primary school had four classes for children: Nursery, Preparatory, 1st year, and 2nd year. Here they are organizing teaching materials.

As a result of one American woman's generosity, the CSF children now have playground equipment in the CSF school yard. This video shows their excitement. As the camera pans around the school yard, you will see that all they had was dirt to play with before. These former brick kiln factory laborers never had access to playgrounds before this.

In March of 2019, five years later, they were teaching all primary school grades:

They then started "CSF #2" primary school in Khaliq Nagar, a village not too far from CSF #1, as shown by the following video taken November of 2019:

Also at CSF #2 they started a new adult literacy class and sewing vocational program. Here is a video showing the sewing center:

Sadly, the owner of the brick kiln near Khaliq Nagar moved the workers from the town into the brick kiln premises, many residents scattered, and the appointed pastor of CSF #2 decided to only do church regimens and no longer shared in the vision of CSF primary school. So, in mid-2020, Javied went to Sutto Kee village to pioneer a new mission to a brick kiln factory there, which became the new "CSF #2."

They also started "CSF #3" in the village of Sharif Park, as shown by the video below, further south of the above location. This primary school has been meeting on a roof, as of November, 2019. When it rains, there is no school:

They also started "CSF #4" in the Khand village brick kiln residences, fulfilling a vision Javied had, as documented in the following video showing clips from March and November of 2019:

In 2020 they started "CSF #5" in Suva Asal:

In 2022 the Muslim owner of the building CSF was renting, CSF #1, in the village of the former Yohanna Abad #2 brick kiln, demanded a much higher rent or else a very high price for them to purchase the property. This happened on account of Javied's new, light-skinned wife from New Zealand, because Pakistanis assume that westerners are well funded. Most of the students there had also graduated. Instead, Javied's new wife, Marjorie, liquidated the remainder of her limited estate in New Zealand, and that was used to purchase a property in Sharif Park (CSF #3) and begin construction of a new building there. That building was completed in September 2022 (see third documentary video on main page).

In January 2023 a small Christian TV station interviewed Javied about the new building:

They also interviewed Sehresh and Marjorie Akhtar, who gave her testimony in English:

Here they do a short documentary of the new school, with some background music:

Here is a video of some students introducing themselves in English, taken in December 2023:

In September 2022, CSF started a new "CSF #1" primary school and academy in Clark Abad Village:

Thank you, Jesus, for their bright future!

Fifteen months later, in December 2023, Jamshaid gives an English testimony of thanksgiving, mentioning his memories of visiting Clark Abad as a child. Clark Abad was his father's, Javied's, birth town:

At CSF, there have been many healings and miracles, by the grace of the Lord God. Even the children of CSF heal the sick. Here are some videos of CSF school children praying in 2014:

This CSF school teacher below had severe pain in her teeth. After prayer by the CSF school student she felt better and no pain in teeth.

This CSF school teacher below had high blood pressure and pain in her joint. After prayer, both were gone.

This CSF school student below had pain in her right leg. The teacher said to another student to pray over her. The pain in her leg was then gone.

The woman below had pain in her arm and her baby had a fever. The CSF school children prayed; the arm pain and fever were both gone.

This woman below had hepatitis C, Javied prayed over her, she was healed, felt immediately better, and now feels fine. Her blood test report is now very good. (This video testimony has English subtitles.)